Wednesday, 20 September 2017

When another Academic year is about to start...

Welcome/Goodbye September! Well, it maybe too late to welcome it as it is already passed the middle of month but expect a slower response in this neck of the woods, always. Anyway, terrifying to know that I have now an year 11 child, year 7 and year 3. How fast have they grown? Scary! Having said that, what scare me the most is myself going back to Uni as Year 2, believe it or not I surpassed the first year of my degree course. Whoop, whoop!! However, I am dreading to start this year because I know it's not going to be easy but in contrary. It is rest assured to be more difficult so I decided to switched-off any form of social medias from now on to stay focus as I really need to. The only place I update you of our happenings (maybe not always) will be here in my blog. So stay tune if you want to know how's year 2 treating me. Though I have a suspicion that it is going to be challenging than ever thus virtual distraction is restricted. Summer is sure fun but the drawback was that I did not do any advance reading at all. As much as I want to but distraction took tool on me. Anybody can relate? Talk about procrastination and yet to the highest level  so if I ever struggle this year's modules and exams then there is no one to blame but myself for not setting aside time to pre-study. Degree courses are sure not easy but with the right approach, right attitude, self-descipline, determination, belief and hard work in mind then these will lead you to achieve a better marks and that is what I'm going to do starting right now, right here (sounded too sure, right?).  What I have also in mind is how far I have come and that alone is another way of motivating my inner self. Anyway, I wish everyone a not-too-cold Autumn season! xx

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mama's Family visit in UK

Just made a slideshow of my mum's first UK visit which she stayed almost 6 months. It was our first Family visitor visa granted but only for a 6 month period [April-October 2016]. The main reason for her visit is to see her grandchildren which she never really see for years. Not only that, we also want her to see how life is like in here. Squeezed as many places as we could especially the capitals for her bare eyes to see. We toured her around LONDON and Cardiff and fair do's to her she walked like she is only at her teens [though I was so impatience at time]. This was her first ever out of the country trip and she extremely did well without any fuss. She was mesmerised by the greens and freshness around here that even at the middle of the capital there are mini forest you can see, gardens and benches to relax in-between walks. The many quaint sites of UK were clearly enraptured her the whole time we were walking around. To see her eyes full of wonders like that whilst enjoying the views around London was indescribable. It was like showing a little kid around for the first time. I was truly grateful that this bucket list is now ticked. It's a dream come true! This is a one in a lifetime experience and it was truly priceless therefore I am so thankful for the husband and my sisters who have made it all happen. We are honestly proud of her for flying all the way from Philippines to UK and for staying with us despite of my mode swings but she was so patience, unlike me. I really do hope that she enjoyed her time here with us because I know for sure that she can't wait to go back to her own space in Cebu. Thank you Mama, this is a memory to behold! Happy Mother's Day! We love you to the galaxy far far away and back! :) xx

Friday, 16 September 2016

Little one's 6th bday Photoshoot

I seriously just had time to download all the photos from my DLSR memory card to my computer today. So the photos goes back way from my baby's 6th birthday, that long! It would have been better for these photos to be tweak but unfortunately I am struggling to use the macbook editing software (shyly admitting that I am far from a techie). Anyway, SOOC/RAW are just as great in that way it is as close to reality. Well, the lighting can be improve for sure. Ah, just love documenting important events of my babies. More to come so please stay tune! 

Monday, 13 June 2016

House hunting saga...

It has been a manic in our neck of the woods lately. House hunting has been a daunting task - just struggling to find a house that ticks all the boxes. Viewed quite a numbers but only interested with at least two of them so we made an offer to one but turned our offer down until the second viewing with our architect friend who viewed with us and found out that the house is falling apart - thanked God or would have otherwise offered more. Yes, it was so disappointing to know but the safety of the family are our top priority. The view of that location was awesome but the asking price is remarkably too much. Apparently, the only way to profit with that buy is to knock the current house and build two which again will cost more therefore the asking price has to drop-down because legally, they are only selling a plot but they (owner) don't understand that (or they just refuse to). Anyway, we felt cold on that one in the end and didn't bother anymore so we viewed more houses and offered to another one near the kids school which we practically think is the best location. I fell in love with this house straight after the first viewing - its truly a character house. Unfortunately, they turned our first offer and so we offerred a bit more and more until to our last offer with a caption 'take it or leave it' but have not heard from them for two weeks and then all of a sudden saw some photos up with these house in a daily paper (they held us for a bit longer in case someone will come along to offer either more or less before they'll respond to us) which we thought is unreasonable so we withdrawn because we felt used. So the house-hunting is still on! We believed that the right house will always come at a right price and in the right time. Lucky, we have our good friends who offered their place to us to let while we are still looking for a new home! We literally have two weeks to pack everything and move from our current place but with all my pending course work don't think it's possible! I'm desperately calling all the superheros right now for some help!!! 😬😏
The very first house we viewed but didn't like. 

The first one we offered but luckily turned us down. Lovely sea view, best location but house itself are unsafed - literally need to re-structure, rebuild or remodel! 

This one has a very interesting feature but listed as conservation therefore can't be change. If it's a little bigger it would have been ideal but we just couldn't think  of anyways to make the upstair bigger or how to build a master ensuite. In short the downstair's living are fine but upstair's one is quite small for a family of five. Again, love the location and it has a very unique garden but not for us. 

This one is really too small and too far out. Cute but not for us 😊. 

We just have to wait for the perfect house!!! 

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