Saturday, 12 March 2016

Today was worth all my nerves!

What an experienced I have had today! I went to Bangor University for the ucas open day after applied an undergraduate chemistry degree. I felt so nervous on the way thinking over things that probably didn't even matter. I am like that though, I tend to overthink situation. My nerves was just all over me and it got worse soon as we enter the science building. After 10 minutes being sat down at the lecture room and heard how how heavy the modules is going to be for the first year I silently thought that maybe my background education wouldn't be enough compare to the other applicants that gone through A-levels before studying a degree. In short I am in doubt whether I can do the course with not having enough qualifications. The chance for me to get a place or be offered a place is pretty slim compare to those younger students who have had proper qualifications from GCSE's to A-levels. At the event today, I was not only an access student but also the oldest one in there. That really put me off because of the much wider age gap but then I thought, "oh well, I might as well charged it to experience" and shouldn't I be proud of how far I've come? It's the pressure I've created for myself that because I am the older one I should be expected to perform better. Unlike the course I am currently in has few other older ones thereby no pressure felt to excel any better. But should I let my age hinder me to pursue my dream? NO! Never! So I stayed in. Then I found out that there is an interview with the member of the academic staff and what's even more frightening was that I had that spontaneous interview with the only head of admission or the director of that department who looks like someone who can't be messing around. It is petrifying knowing that I was not so ready for that interview at all. All I expect was a general tour around the University, lectures, practical demonstration, food and informal chats. Anyway, soon as I entered his office I started to feel my nerves and started sweating. More so when he began firing questions at me. That is when I can barely speak even if I have the answers in mine but when you are that s**t scared you'll tend to lose or forget what you are about or going to say. Though I've managed to answer most of the question asked but I don't think it was enough. I felt that I could have explains it better. My answers were short and simple if not vague. But guess he'd seen my clear determination above all because he offered me a place. I'm well happy today and to top it all, another milestone achieved today for I took a train on my way back home for the very first time on my own. Wow! I'm heading to becoming an independent woman. 
So thought it would be nice to take photo  of the flatform I was in earlier today for keepsake. 😜😂👌🏻 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

But, I won't do that!

Do you find it hard when you are living in a house full of conservative people?...

Like when you are wearing something like this in the house and your 10 yr old son looks at you like you've committed a murder and left you speechless with rhetorical question saying, "Mummy what are you wearing?" My face was like 😠. Their father-influenced to them are extremed, no doubt! Debated whether to carry on just to annoy them all or change? Alright they've won as I've went for the latter 😏. Although there is that saying that says "Be yourself" but still, it didn't work.  Well, its debatable really because and one point you say yes I won't change for anybody in this world. But when you become a mother everything changed including that because we will do anything for our kids, don't we?  Oh wait a minute, there is that song by meatloaf "I'd do anything for love" (but I won't do that)? In that case, remaining to be me is fully justified, lol. 
One more pose? For picture sake!! 😅😅 love you kids!! 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Back posting...

Documenting our whereabouts have been one of my fave of things to blog but failed to do so for the the past two years due to the lack of blogging motivation and also my studies have took over my free time. Yes, I went back to college. I started last year Sept 2014 and it had been a hell of a journey but a tad bit proud of myself for pushing it through after many years of just talking about it.  

Anyway, my aim in here is to regain my blogging mojo so I should be updating this blog often, that if my studying will not hinders me to do so again. I also want to carry on of what I love to do, photography, at the same time. Capturing and sharing my kids growth is what started me in blogging after all. However, this year I have been so idle about taking proper photographs. My DLSR is just sitting at the right corner of the house covered with dust and webs. Is it safe to blame the mobile phones? I certainly hope not! Should be up to me after all. 

Oh's some selection of photos I took from the year 2014, before mobile phones have completely took over. Ah, just really reminding myself how good DSLR photos are. Without a doubt, DSLR take a much much better quality photos than any mobile cameras pics. So, here's a series of photoshoots from the year 2014 starred by my one and only William, my model material boy!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Priorities and Commitments

Sometimes, as parents we are willing to sacrifice a lot of things to put our kids need first as our top of priority. This is what we called a 'selfless love'. Like how my husband works really hard in order to give the best for our children. To be able to provide them the best education they can possibly have and because we believe that independent school are a lot  capable of pushing/supporting kids in all aspect of learning by setting goals and for not giving them a choice to laze around but instead make them do their works to stretch their ability in both academics and sports. For this very reason we decided to send our kids to one independent school. Costly but so worthy. It's the only thing they can kept to themselves when we're gone. Another factor to consider that can be accounted to their future achievements and attitude towards life is the environment they are exposed to, everyday. Knowing that they are in an Independent school is an enough assurance for us parents that our children are in the good hands. For all of this to continuously happen we set priorities and commitments meaning we set aside what we wants i.e. traveling or globe trotting can wait until the kids are all finish their studies. So, whenever I felt like giving up (or being selfish) I have these very reason to remind me prior to why my husband is working so hard. Yes, I would love him home every single day and night. I'd love to travel with him one day too if time permits but for now it isn't in our lists of priorities to do so unless of course if we hit the lottery jackpot by today or tomorrow but until then I'm afraid my husband will be away from us most days of the weeks or weeks of the months due to his work obligation which requires a lot of travelling halfway round the world. It is hard from both ends and it only get worse each time he's going somewhere and sometimes it may even involve a lot of tears from children that are struggling to cope (not just a day or two) without Daddy at home to hug before and after bedtime. Although, technology made things easier these days as you can exchange communication in just a matter of minutes whichever part of the world you may be. Thanked God for the genius mind behind mobile phones and of course the network service availability which makes us feel a little closer to our loved ones even if they are on the other side of the world. This is also when networking sites appeals to me the most such as Skype, Viber, Facebook as it provides an easy access to families who are miles away from each other due to work commitments. Anyway, this is just pure documents not complaints, [winked]. I'm too blessed to be stressed, [laughed]. 'Always create a positive mind' is my motto! May God be blessed and protect us all everyday!! xx

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