Sunday, 30 December 2007

Collection of Photos and Outfits

Just picking few random pictures of myself here. My kind of collection and looking back myself and taking memories back. Lol few of them was ages ago when I was 18 yrs old and so on. Obviously I love to be on the camera, hehehehe. Just keeping myself busy and also showing you my kind of fashion and mostly I like classic look but can be mixed sometimes too. I love fashion but not a trashy kind of fashion of course depending its tyle and cut. I remebered when I was in high school I often get compliments from my classmates especially boys how good I dressed or how well dressed I am. I take it as a compliments of course. And also during my college I got a compliments from a classmate (girl) that she adores or admire the way I dressed which makes my liver so big, hehehehe. According to hubby I am not hard to dress for, it might have been a bola-bola but you know husband only admires their wifey or else they'll have testicles cut-off, lol.
Anyway, here's my long collection of photography....Enjoy!

Collectors Items

I love collecting stuff such as shoes, clothes, handbags, jewelries and all sort of collectibles stuff. I didn't get into collection expensive staff yet or shall I say antiques. Before I collect autographs from famous people but not as world famous only famous locally in my homeland Philippines so not much worth in it, lol. But if I have to collect an Autographs for Sale then I can only its not that easy to find. But after surfing the net I found this very interesting websites where there is some antiques available for sale like the Collectable Pianos For Sale are now in this Antiques Blog and it such a great way of buying antiques staff from now on. I must tell my in-laws about this for they are keen to have a peek about any interesting antiques available. They might be interested to check this antiques blog and see if they can find anything that interest them or anything they can add to their antiques collection.

Photo Obsession

I often take many pictures of my kids for my scrapping layouts. I am determine to get that perfect shot but every now and then I often failed because they easily get bored and wouldn't still for a seconds, its frustrating. Just few weeks ago after putting up out tree I was asking them both to posed for Mummy but as usual I didn't succeed and here's the best that I come out with. I think this is alright, yeah?

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Wonderful Christmas Time!

Christmas was truly spent wonderfully together with my family. It was a real blessing indeed having a great family and in-laws too. Here's our photo during christmas day. We were down in my father in-laws place in Amberley Surrey and stayed there for 4 days. It was so much relaxing without cyber world to interfer, lol. I had so much time resting and playing with my kids, lovely time indeed. To see more pics click here......

Sunday, 23 December 2007

One of my Favourite Scrapping

This has been one of my collection of all my scrapping layout. I keep this and thinking to print this and sent out to families especially to my parents who's been asking for a larger print of my son's photos so they can put it on the wall together with my daughter's one.

So I bet my parents would love this one so after Christmas I might have to print this. Now I'll have to do all my wrappings before we leave tomorrow to celebrate christmas with in-laws.

I hope everyone will have a great christmas!!! See you all!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Help Raised Money for Charity

Rich people are kind enough to donate boat to charities and all sort to help the lesst fortunate people in anywhere in the world. Tons of donations are now available in ebay and you can order them for free and shipping is free as well. There are someChildren's Animation DVDS available too.

If I was a loaded person with extra's I would be happy to donate my boat to charitable fund too. Like those kind hearted businessman, heiress and multi-millionaires. For people this christmas who would like to order and also would like to help a little bit for charity then order these stuff on ebay now for free shipping.

I know all of us wants to be part of this charitable funds that people are trying to raised to help those people in need. Its christmas and its about time to donate, to purchased and to help so reach out something be it old, new, heart and kindness its all acceptable. have a big heart to open this kind of programs and organisations for the sake of needy people. So lets support by anyway we can. Visit boatangel now and perhaps you could donate or purchased the so called product donations that are now available on ebay.

Food Poisoning

Gosh, I had a bad tummy since yesterday and so is hubby and my son. Glad Kath didn't eat that bargain coleslaw. Poor son of mine who ate some last night and now is suffering of an upset tummy. I hope we will get better soon!

Still Preparing for Christmas

Kath's is still on school, its longer their christmas break as I thought it would be. Anyway tomorrow is their school party and she was asking me if she could wear her santa's outfit again? My gosh, she really loves it. She wore it once on Sunday during Grandpa's cocktail party.Perhaps she could wear it again. She is so excited and could't wait, tonight she was writing her cards to her classmate and will finish it tomorrow.

She thinks she had a long list and already worn out after a long day in school. She is now sleeping and would wake her up really early to finish her cards writing before going to school so she could take it with her because on friday will be their last day of school this month.

So, this weekend is a really shopping day for us again because we are not finish of our christmas presents. Few people we have to buy yet. Still not finish preparing for christmas, Huh? Christmas can be really stressful instead of relaxing but after all it'll be exciting!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


On the other day I cooked chow mein for our lunch with the kids since hubby was out working the whole day. It was based on a simple recipe from my book. I just follow the instruction and it came out just as good. I was so pleased and might do it again. My kids loved it, already added it to my favourite recipe collection. Here's some pics to share taken by my lovely daughter, Kath. Thanks baby!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Got to Go

Sorry guys I thought I can do bloghop, scrapping and write more opps tonight but really I can't for my eyes is aboutt o fall and I dont want that to happen yet, lol. Anyway I was farting around earlier watching movies with family and watching my favourite show on you tube as well as reading some news instead of writing my pending task. Anyway its nice to have a break sometimes and not just thinking of money, money, money. My body needs some break and so is my mind. Need to go get some sleep for I have to go for work tomorrow. So now I am going to log-out and leave you guys in peace.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Sweets on the Tree

Couple weeks ago I had put up our tree and one of the decors are these chocolate candies because I wanted my kids to see what excite me the most during my childhood years. Candies on tree is one big thing in Philippines and I often sneaked out one daily and refused to admit when being accused, lol. I usually get told off because I always lied and always defensive. Neve did I thought the more you defense yourself the guity you are. Now in my tree there are chocolates hanging on it and I see my kids are picking too just like what I did when I was at their age. But the difference is I let them have one candy a day and I can just replace it later on for I have so many reserve in the fridge. In my case before my Mum can hardly afford a pack of candies therefore we have to wait until Christmas eve to have it so me and my siblings can shared it together. I felt so guilt but that just part of being a kid, I guess.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

No Longer Length

Its hard to follow trends all the time that is why i usually set an example for myself and kinda create a trendy life. For 3 yrs I had my long hair but just couple weeks ago I realised that I need a change, not to look boring so I have it cut to a shoulder level. I grabbed a scissors and had it trimmed all by myself. So now that is short I wanted my long hair back. What the heck! I made myself so confused now but hey, isn't life is like this? Crazy huh?

before cutting


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