Tuesday, 18 December 2007


On the other day I cooked chow mein for our lunch with the kids since hubby was out working the whole day. It was based on a simple recipe from my book. I just follow the instruction and it came out just as good. I was so pleased and might do it again. My kids loved it, already added it to my favourite recipe collection. Here's some pics to share taken by my lovely daughter, Kath. Thanks baby!


Ivy Sterling said...

wow ka gwapa sa kusinira...ug ka gwapa ana imong cho mein...pwedi mangayo? kalami ana gwaps.

Norm said...

galing naman ni mommy mahusay magluto, hmm...nagutom tuloy ako.

Rissa said...

kalami sa pancit oi. wala pa man gud ko paniodto ba, lol!

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