Sunday, 30 December 2007

Collection of Photos and Outfits

Just picking few random pictures of myself here. My kind of collection and looking back myself and taking memories back. Lol few of them was ages ago when I was 18 yrs old and so on. Obviously I love to be on the camera, hehehehe. Just keeping myself busy and also showing you my kind of fashion and mostly I like classic look but can be mixed sometimes too. I love fashion but not a trashy kind of fashion of course depending its tyle and cut. I remebered when I was in high school I often get compliments from my classmates especially boys how good I dressed or how well dressed I am. I take it as a compliments of course. And also during my college I got a compliments from a classmate (girl) that she adores or admire the way I dressed which makes my liver so big, hehehehe. According to hubby I am not hard to dress for, it might have been a bola-bola but you know husband only admires their wifey or else they'll have testicles cut-off, lol.
Anyway, here's my long collection of photography....Enjoy!

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Nancy said...

fashionista mommy,love all of 'em,very cute outfits

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