Sunday, 30 December 2007

Collectors Items

I love collecting stuff such as shoes, clothes, handbags, jewelries and all sort of collectibles stuff. I didn't get into collection expensive staff yet or shall I say antiques. Before I collect autographs from famous people but not as world famous only famous locally in my homeland Philippines so not much worth in it, lol. But if I have to collect an Autographs for Sale then I can only its not that easy to find. But after surfing the net I found this very interesting websites where there is some antiques available for sale like the Collectable Pianos For Sale are now in this Antiques Blog and it such a great way of buying antiques staff from now on. I must tell my in-laws about this for they are keen to have a peek about any interesting antiques available. They might be interested to check this antiques blog and see if they can find anything that interest them or anything they can add to their antiques collection.

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