Saturday, 8 December 2007

Who is Scared of Santa?

Yes I am scared of Santa and Mummy still forced me to come closed to him, I dont like it. Santa looks so funny with his white long beard. Its scares me really. I thought it would be fun seeing Santa but it ain't because its so scary and I can't help myself but cry and hold Daddy so tight and tried to get out as soon as possible. I dont even want the gift from Santa, you know. I dont want anything apart from being away from him. Daddy tried to explain that he is harmless and all he do is make the childrean laugh and happy for giving them gifts each. Eventhough I didn't give Santa my best mood he still gave me presents and Daddy took it and soon as I got home I opened it straight away and it is a book. If only I am not scared of Santa I would have give him a hug. But never mind when I am old enough I sure will understand.

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