Saturday, 8 December 2007

Sick Again

Yes I a sick and I can't help myself but want mummy all the time. It seems he is my only comfort when it comes to illnesses. Dont we all needs our mummy whenever we get sick? Even my mummy when she is sick, she always wanted her Mama but because of distance that depart them.

But me I am lucky because I am still a baby so I have my mummy whenever I needed her.
Today we are not doing some fun things instead we stay at home and eat all day and watch television. My cough is getting worst today than yesterday and I even spit-out too, thats how bad it is. Its really tickles my throat, you know. I hope I'll be better soon.

Daddy seems to be giving me medicine on time because mummy does the comforting bit. Anyway, I have some new pictures to share but I'll do it later in my next entry so it would not be long for you to read.

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