Saturday, 8 December 2007


There is never a day that Mummy don't shout at me and I am not gonna blame her for that because she only is worried as Daddy that I might hurt myself. I often climbed in my Daddy's computer desk because I love it here since it has so many stuff that attract my attention. It has everything I wanted especially the monitor, mouse and keyboard where I tend to play a lot, really love it. I used it sometimes to play the nickjunior games or most often click a ramdom things and noise wise it makes me happy especially audibles in YM. MY aunties love chatting with me and sometimes I heard them speaking to me through ym voice chat, its really exciting.

Aside from computer I also play with frames, telephone and daddy's printer. I like turning it on and off because I love the printing noise. I already broke Daddy's speaker long time ago but daddy seems not bothered by it. I love to discover because I am an explorer who is determine to explored all over the house and break any things. Perhaps its just being a "terrible two" though I am not yet 2. According to my granny I started so advance of being terrible and I should finish early as summer next year. Is that mean that I'm going to be a nice boy or behave boy? Fingers cross!

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