Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Scrap to Death

Since I bought so many goodies I have been thinking to start scrapping to death. I have to used all these goodies I bought otherwise it'll be a waste. Anyway I'll just find a good timing where my kids is not awake. This week I can't do any scrapping yet because my son is a little bit off-colour. Maybe the week after because this weekend I am not sure if I take some OT or not. If not then I'll have to come with hubby and kids to shop for presents.

You know that we havent even started yet, and its only couple weeks before christmas. Even single presents we haven't buy, the real reason is we dont know what to get for everyone, lol. Hubby is confused and so I am. Anyway were hoping to be done this week or week after, anyhow I could not wait to scrap and used all the fonts I just bought. Exciting!

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