Thursday, 20 December 2007

Still Preparing for Christmas

Kath's is still on school, its longer their christmas break as I thought it would be. Anyway tomorrow is their school party and she was asking me if she could wear her santa's outfit again? My gosh, she really loves it. She wore it once on Sunday during Grandpa's cocktail party.Perhaps she could wear it again. She is so excited and could't wait, tonight she was writing her cards to her classmate and will finish it tomorrow.

She thinks she had a long list and already worn out after a long day in school. She is now sleeping and would wake her up really early to finish her cards writing before going to school so she could take it with her because on friday will be their last day of school this month.

So, this weekend is a really shopping day for us again because we are not finish of our christmas presents. Few people we have to buy yet. Still not finish preparing for christmas, Huh? Christmas can be really stressful instead of relaxing but after all it'll be exciting!

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