Friday, 14 December 2007

Sweets on the Tree

Couple weeks ago I had put up our tree and one of the decors are these chocolate candies because I wanted my kids to see what excite me the most during my childhood years. Candies on tree is one big thing in Philippines and I often sneaked out one daily and refused to admit when being accused, lol. I usually get told off because I always lied and always defensive. Neve did I thought the more you defense yourself the guity you are. Now in my tree there are chocolates hanging on it and I see my kids are picking too just like what I did when I was at their age. But the difference is I let them have one candy a day and I can just replace it later on for I have so many reserve in the fridge. In my case before my Mum can hardly afford a pack of candies therefore we have to wait until Christmas eve to have it so me and my siblings can shared it together. I felt so guilt but that just part of being a kid, I guess.

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