Saturday, 8 December 2007

Christian's Milestone Update

Do you know I am only 22 months old and I already knows many things? Computer yes I can do messed up Daddy computer and even turn completely the power. He hates it when I do it especially when he is in the middle of reading his work emails.

Things I learnt recently:

-Recognised animals noise
-Memorising Activities
-Reading through Pics
-Inter-acting with Diego & Dora

Loves to do:

-Watching Diego and Dora
-Helping Mummy cooking and other household errands
-Making a mess
-Reading books or shall I say looking at the pictures
-Climbing everywhere
-Using Mummy or Daddy's computer and chatting with my cousins and Auntie's
-Turning on and off all the kitchen electrical supplies which include our microwave, washing machine, diswasher and so on.

Getting more handful and more useful, lol. Getting more active and energetic toddler. Very well taught because I now say thank you and please and never fail to say so since I learnt it.

.....and many more....I can now speak better than before and when I hit 2 I am hoping I can have more conversation with my Daddy and Mummy.

Hair is getting longer and Mummy refused to cut it but Daddy is desperate to give it a shape so I look more tidy whilst mummy kinda like it when its messy because it shows off my curls.
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