Monday, 7 January 2008

Back to Reality

I was gonna share my birthday blast on Saturday (the photos) ain't downloaded yet so I have to do it when I'm done my work later today because right now I have to get ready to go work. Its monday and back to normal reality, everyone is back to the real world, working and schooling. No longer holidays!

I need to see whats for breakfast and feed my son, hubby just arrived from taking our daughter to school. She seems so excited to see her friends again, i assumed she is bored of holiday and stayed in the house most of the time because its nice a great weather to be going out having fun in the park or anywhere else outdoors apart. Hoping for spring to come or would be looking forward to summer.

Ok guys see you when Im back from work, will sure be there in each of your manciones and bloggies!

Taar-taaar for now!

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