Sunday, 6 January 2008

Blast Day!

Today was rather nice and we had a great time in Crystal Palace in hubby's brother's house. I did karaoke sing-along with Imelda co-pinay who works for 11 yrs in my brother in-law as a personal helper. She seems to enjoyed being with them as she is like a 2nd parent to my nephew's and neices. She is very kind and cooked us a shepherds pie for lunched and then went on singing for the rest of the day while hubby and Mother went for walked with Charlie (the dog).

We headed back home half passed 4 just in time to picked up sis-in law in the airport and took her with us in the house for some tea. She brought me filipino goodies and to my surprised she got me a cornbeef which is I am very happy about. Since I got here in England never I find a asian store who sells them. So I got my filipino good with my favourite stuff in it. Also she got me suede gloves as a birthdaqy presents, she is really kind to me and I love her to bits.

Thanks Amanda for all the kind thing you did to me. I appreciated it with all my heart.

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KreativeMix said...

its so difficult shopping for men, and of course, they never shop for themselves :-) happy new year!!!

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