Friday, 4 January 2008

Housing Plans

Me and hubby has been talking about house in the long run. A thought that somehow we will be able to afford and keep multiple houses and take it as an investment in the future. Whether here in England or anywhere in the world. Right now I am keen to buy an apartments in Philippines and let it to pay itself. But the problem is the house plan in Philippines are mostly no good and will sure fall apart after couple years unless we are wealthy enough to afford those multi-million ones. We are only thinking to buy at least 500-800 K. Perhaps a house plan would be an ideal for us. offers different home plans which includes Log Home Plans, luxury home Plans and Ranch House Plans so among these 3 is an ideal for us as a form of investment in the future long run. I might check with hubby his recent plans because this was our conversation few months ago and if I know he'll keep changing ideas and plans. But definitely about housing business is one of our plan this year or next year.

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