Sunday, 17 February 2008

Little Cook

One time Mummy was wondering why I was so quite and she wanders through the whole house and found me in the kitcken stirring the soup she made, it makes her all worried to find me doing the things that I should not be doing but as you all know I love being in our kitchen for there are loads of interesting stuff to play. She didn't get angry though instead she rushed back out to the hallway and grabbed her camera so I posed for her straight away so I could get out the murder I just did, lol. Well, I guess its not at all murder, I was just a typical 2 yrs old who is just as curious of whats on the cooking pot with a little flame in it. Yes, I know its dangerous but I was really being careful and was just giving it a little stir.

The last two shots is stirring the pancakes mixed during the pancakes day. Daddy was our chief cook and me and big sister was the assistant whereas our Mummy was the tester. Since it was a pancakes day that should be celebrated 4o days before Easter, Daddy was letting us to be part of the cooking. We did really well and our pancakes tasted really nice. So, so based on my photos here, do you think I can be a chief cook someday? For now, I am just a little cook but somehow I'll be the next Gordon Ramsay, lol.

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