Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My housing Plan

Like others, I also have a house of my dreams. I wanted to build a house in the near future in my homeland (Philippines). One of my dream is to build a big house for my family and a big house for me, hubby and the kids. But that dream is still yet to come for it requires loads of cash. But I already plan to either have among of these housing plans Log Home Plans, Ranch house plans or a bungalow house Plans. Bungalows has been one of my dream house plan. But when I got here in Uk, my house perception has completely change. Now I prefer a house with a stairs on it so I could have some privacy without hearing the kids noise and scream while their playing. Hubby had though exactly the same thing too. So, I think we will have a housing plan change every now and then but one thing for sure is, we will be looking around at houseplansandmore when time comes that we have to build the dream house. Approximately couple or few years to go and we will have enough cash to fulfill that dream of ours or mine, hehehehehe.

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