Sunday, 6 January 2008

New Boxers for Hubby

When I know that hubby only wear boxers I was like, what? I used to mens wearing tights small piece of underwear that we call brief in Philippines and boxers is kinda strange to me. But now I got used to it and also I find out it is quite good for them and comfortable to wear.

Anyway hubby seems to be wearing the same boxers since the first time I met him, lol. Well I bought him plenty and he does bought himself too but he has this specific underwear that he really likes which I think he feels comfortable wearing because of the super soft and 100% cotton materials. So I kind of thinking to get the same one but never had a luck.

So I might try this mens underwear online in which I just found today who I think sells the same kind of boxers that hubby like the best. Also I can browsed some more men's accessories that hubby kind of needed at the moment such as shirt, undergarments especially, jeans, and pyjamas. I see they sell all sort of mens clothing and underwear so might grab the chances since its on sale. Love it when I can get many stuff for my money and get a good bargain on some good quality clothing or underwear is just ace.

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