Sunday, 6 January 2008

Party, Party, Party!

Yeah, I've done my little birtday party today with friends and it was a blast! We've cooked many filipino foods and also they brough some in. Had our chit-chat while in the kitchen cooking dishes. Our food was sure delished and kids enjoyed playing each other and my poor son who is the only boy who keep scaring the crap out of the girls. He hits them whatever toys on his hand, such a naughty boy indeed.

But I had a great time seeing my friends and we're discussing of a trip to HARRODS next weekend to take advantage of the sales and targeting fragrances this time. Lets hope will hit the target!

Anyway, our food had loads of letf over so I told my friends to take it home with them because I wouldn't be able to eat it all especially my kids are not so big fan of filipino dishes. Seems they were happy about the idea so I leave them to it.

Took loads of photos and will sure share it in my next post, alright?

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