Sunday, 6 January 2008

Personal Development

There are moments that we reach into our lowest points then come out the worst conclusion. We tend to blamed ourself, or anyone for what happen rather do the right thing and live with it. I, on the otherhand tend to get dissppointed, frustrated and sometimes get deppressed. I ain't perfect nor strong woman to handle circumtances, problems and all sort of life struggles. But I am glad that there is my husband who is here for me all the time trying to encouraged me, and reminds me most often how things happen for a reason.

For instance, last year was not my year nor my husband. We tend to received bad news after bad news, work is was not that great, money, health the only thing we tend to live and remain strong and think we're still lucky is because of our kids. They are the best thing happen to us and no words can't explain or can described.

The last couple months of the year 2007 were the worst one. Sister got accident, Mama had a breast cyst removed, Papa confined for high blood pressure and so on. I was all in tears and the moment I think about it I never failed to cry. It absolutely turn out the lowest point in my life and being so far away doesn't help it at all. But I seems to got over it pretty quickly because of few words of encouragement from family here and friends worldwide. I supposed need my Body mind spirit refresh and refurbish. I often not go to church but I tend to pray secretly before and after bedtime. I just have to develop self improvement.

Personal development is the thing I badly need to learn. I have to believed in myself more often and accept things that go wrong. Life should'nt be perfect and there ain't one. So I must realise and admit that struggles and problems are part of my daily life and its should be up to me to handle it with care.

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