Saturday, 19 January 2008

Sleeping SOundly

Last wednesday (16th of January) I celebrated my 2nd birthday. It was a long day for me but was full of fun. Especially when my 4 grandparents were over for cup of tea. Mummy and Daddy didn't throw a party since there is no one to invyt apart from family. Eventhough there wasn't kids around or kids party I still enjoyed it, plus I got all the attention and got plenty of presents too. Even my Great Grandmother sent me some cash as a birthday gift, so nice of her. Its nice when you have a close family who are always there for the grandchildren's birthday. I am so thankful for that and I am one lucky boy in this world. Daddty is so proud of me and so is my Mummy. After my little celebration I was all knackered and felt asleep in our sofa and didn't know mummy has sneaked some shots of me while I am in deep sleep.

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Eric said...

Hi Haze...thanks for the kind visit....I need your prayer since confusion clouded my mind to decide....
I got calls from Korea and China, and I am asking the Lord's leading...
I am on the midst of deciding so as to wether Korea or China is good.
Basta iampo lang gyud kay dugay na kung kapahawaon diri sa Pinas.

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