Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Unpredictable Life

In my blogspot tagboard I had this guy named Roldan who left me a message. Soon as I see it I knew that he is my former high school barkada. In our school we are form into groups and in our group he is the leader and I am the right hand, hehehe. This guy is so intelligent among us. In our batch he is the only who survived without a line of 7 grades since freshmen until senior. The one who got line of 7 wont be in honour section but still we received an award.

So he automatically became the validictorian. Actually there were 3 of them whom I think are extra-ordinary. One of them is Ronilo, the other one is Marino and Roldan is the 3rd. Marino and Ronila are both very good in Math and English. According to hubby you can identify whether the person is intelligent based on their score on Math. I second the motion! I must admit that Math is such a difficult subject. Many people tend to claimed that their good at it but what they're taking about is basic Math. Math in programming is the most difficult one as well as in Accountancy. According to many the people who take Accountancy are the people who have most brain. Well there is a point in that because Accountancy is more on Math, problem solving, inventory and more.

Among the 2 guy (Roldan, Marino, and Ronilo) the honour student in my class are now successfully gedree holder and not only that they all became Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I am so proud of them are they all my friends, I mean close friends. Few steps away to become Lawyer. It must be pride of my high school teacher and our school. Goodluck to them and looking forward to our homecoming Alumnie in 2010.

About me though I am not succesful on my degree dreams but I have so many things I achieved in life. I must say I have unpredictable life, tommorow I dont know whats gonna happen so I always lived for today.

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