Monday, 11 February 2008


Dishwashers is the one thing my husband and I could not live without. I am not bragging nor over-acting but since I got used to it, makes me want to use it all the time. I must say that I am as always a lazy when it comes to household chores. My Mama used to tell me off for not doing anything especially washing the dishes. But when I am in the mood to clean the house I would generally clean it from top to bottom and from corner to corner. But since I am introduced to this dishwashers thingy, I am becoming more idle all the times. One time our dishwasher broke for a week and I forgot to tell hubby all about it, I didn't even bother washing the dirty plates and any other used cutlery until hubby notice and load the diswasher and find out its not actually working then I remember that it got broken. Hubby thought that its about time to look for new dishwashers anyway.

Although he fixed it up by changing the fused but still we are looking for some dishwashers for once we will are moving to a bigger place we will leave this old and crappy one behind. So still worth to look for a new one for the time-being. I would wish to get it from wize as I seen their display with a very affordable price range. The best place I have seen selling dishwashers so far.

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