Monday, 11 February 2008

Domain Registration

I just had another new domain added to my lots. Hay! I dont know if I can handle it anymore or not. I simply can't as you can see for I haven't do my rounds this weekend to my blogrolls but never mind soon after my work tomorrow I'll be able to visit each of you, I promised!

Anyway, this recent domain registration is a little bit strange. I would like to cancel it for now and registered a new one or I can transferred it to any domain name registrant. I dont know what to do with it for I have too many names that is similar to the 4 I've got. I wanna make a unique yet easy to remember, you know.

Also paying more than 5 bucks is not a good deal for I just saw a new price that is less than what I have paid. In paylessdomains I could get more domains names for a very affordable rates, I could not believe it. So, should I make a move now? Or just do a domain transfer? I guess I'll have to check their web hosting package too, it looks very promising. I am getting a hosting plan for a year and try it out.

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