Monday, 11 February 2008

Lucky Me!

I feel so lucky every minute of my life. I am thankful of what had God given me. My life is so complete with my husband and kids in it. I feel so happy everyday and spending time with them every single minute is like a precious gift to me.

Every night I am the only one left awake up to midnight or beyond and I always checked the 3 of them and kiss each one at their cheeks. I hugged them gently and secretly while they are sleeping and just talked stare at their faces and whisper deep inside in my heart the happiness I felt.

My husband who is one true amazing man alive and my kids who are simply my dream, everything mixed into one which makes it completely a happy and joyful life that I truly treasure for the rest of my life. I can't believe I am one of the luckiest woman on earth. I am so proud for the blissful family I have and this is because of the "GREAT GOD".

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