Saturday, 23 February 2008

My new Pushchair

According to Daddy, I am just like my Mummy when it comes to new things. I love when I get a new stuff, you know, and who doesn't? Just a month ago Daddy bought me this new pushchair of mine. Mummy has been nagging him loads of time and finally he listen at the end. This is my 3rd pushchair since I was born. Mummy hates my last one because it was kinda heavy for her. So, this time Daddy get the super light pushchair.

Apparently, this is the new trends today a Quennie Zapp pushchair. Mummy also chooses the colour, in reality Daddy has got nothing to do but to pay, lol. To be fair Daddy saw these light and cute pushchair of mine first and showed Mummy to see what she thinks by it. Glad Mummy fell in love to it straightaway.

The drawback is, its so easy for me to climb up and down, I can even used it to get stuff in our fridge on anything in the house that is not reachable without me climbing, lol. Whats more is, Mummy don't have hardtime for me to get in there because only one word of her, I climb straightaway. So, it's maybe expensive but its worth it. It's a lot easier for both me and Mummy.

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