Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Amazing Talent

Look who can play piano? My daughter can and that makes me and hubby proud on Easter Sunday when she plays "Mary had a Little Lamb". Imagine, it was already a year old since grandma taught her that song. She really memorised the keynotes and that she can play any children on the book by just looking the given notes. More Photos here...........Enjoy and thank you for looking!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Abandoned Blog

This blog has been abandoned for weeks now. I apologised to all my readers, sorry for being so slacked here. I just got so busy of my work and was spending the Easter away from home too. So, I hope now that I am back I can keep this up again.

How are you all guys?

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Pink Tulips

On mother's day I got many surprises from hubby and the kids. I was still on my pyjamas when the 3 of them come and gave me sweet kisses, flowers and presents. I got the pink tulips too which is one of my favourite flower in the world. What I did is took a photo of my flowers and used my DSLR. It took me only minutes to set the mode I like to use and obviously my favourite one is this Macro shot. Its beautifully taken and I am so much happy about it. I uploaded it to my online photoalbum for keepsake and here as my collection. View more photos here

The first time I wear a Hat

This was the first I had wore a decent hat was during my kids christening day. It was almost 2 yrs now and yet I have never wear any hat after that. I was not really comfortable wearing a hat but because it is how you should wear during these special ocassions be it wedding, baptism, funeral or any party here in England or I guess anywhere in the world. I told hubby I will never wear a hat anymore because I am not used to it, lol. In philippines I only wear hat when I have to do some farming, hehehe. I am such ignorant and silly. I guess, I have to adapt my 2nd home way of life.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Capturing the Rainbow

Yesterday, hubby and I went out for shopping with the kids. On our way home the heavy rains stopped and turn into a shower with a little sunshine. On that reason we get a beautiful rainbow on our way home and while driving I been snapping but was having hard time capturing the rainbow so we had to stop by and do it when the car is not moving.

We stopped over half-way and hubby had to get out the car to take this good snapshots. Look at this beautiful captured rainbow, isn't it amazing?

Im so Careless

Hay, today I am in panic soon as I remembered my pot full of money after work. Im not going to details here because it would take me long to do so. Therefore I'll just let you know within this week what is the news regarding my pot at work. I'll just hope that it is safe though otherwise I'll be paying for it. I have done this mistakes 3 times now and the 1st and 2nd I was lucky for the people who come after me was all honest and handed my pot to the supervisor and there I was being warned to be extra careful next time otherwise I lose a month of my wage, lol. Im so careless, this could be a problem

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

So Cute Photo!

I love this photo of my son because he is trying to help Angela to blow her candles, lol. He is like that actually even there is no birthday but if he sees candle lighting every room in our place he would go off slowly or sneaked out to find a way to blow it off. Yupp! I often light a candle in our house especially after cleaning to give a fresher smell but not if my son is aroung or awake because he would not leave it alone. So..scary he mind cause a fire, you know!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Fun Time

Here's some Photo during our trip to the Sea-Life Brighton couple weeks ago. I just had time to download the photo few days ago so its about time to share our fun time with the family.

My kids enjoyed as much as I did. They so much loved it when they are out the house doing fun things. They sure are adventurous and outgoing kids. They don't just want to be stock in the house all days, unlike me I couold stay weeks without going out at all. I rather earn money thatn spending, hehehehe. Char.......gema2x only!

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