Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Presence and not Present?

I stumble upon to a dear friends blog and reading the title makes me realised how bad mother I am for not spending enough time for my kids eversince I am hooked to this blogging. Most of my time I spent it in front of my PC trying hard to make more penny and not realising my most important role as a mother. I forgot that my kids needs more my presence and not my present. No wonder they are a little irritable with me most of the time. Now, I kind of understand that I have to play my role, to give them enough of my time. I will do so, I promised from now on.

So, mind me if I can't update that much as I used to because I am relly trying to change my life routine because I know that my kids needs me more than earning money online. So, I just realised that I can't swap my kids for money, no way! Here's some photo I attached during our good times last year in the beach. And, I can see how my kids enjoyed it when they get my full attention. Priceless moment, really!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Good Mothering/Parenting

Joseph and his Daddy

This was taken 2 years ago where a family friends came over to visit their family over here in England. Meet Mr and Mrs Flynn with their only child Joseph who is now 11 yrs old and studying in International School Manila. Hubby adores Joseph and that because this boy is just too sweet and the most polite he had ever meet. He act like an adult but with a very good manners. He called hubby Mister Simon, lol. He is that proper and I guess it is because of how his parents raised him. Hubby wants our kids to be exactly the same because it is very important to him and he also believed that the younger you desciplined or taught a child a good manners the better.

Joseph is almost a perfect child and not only us who adores and admires him but everyone in his schools. They never seen a boy as polite as him and what more he is academically smart. What more could his parents ask? I think they have been doing a great job to their little Joseph and I can see because Mike (Joseph dad) is such a desciplinarian. This is what I called good parenting. I hope and I wish we can do a great job to our kids, too.

Us June 2006

Me and Fhe, Joseph's Mum on June 2007

Josehp and Kath

Fhe and Myself

We just adores this family so much and I hope we will see them again this year either in the Philippines or here in England. Mike and Fhe are such a great parents :)

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Act Like One

Motherhood is sure a twist and turn task. You go for one thing to another as well as the way you act. I know I looks or sounds very busy but in fact internet has been occupying most of my time but somehow I manage to twist my time and play with my kids everyday even if it takes few minutes or to an hour. I always treasure during our play times because for me it is so precious and I know soon as they grow up I would not be able to play with them because they will then have a mine of their own. It sad but true, time will come that they would prefer to do their own things and exclude me or Daddy. They might need parents only when they need allowances or re-enforcement or shall I say back-up.

My kids are both attention seeker and I know I am far from being a perfect mother but I try my very best. Having two kids of my own and nowhere to ask for a hand whenever I needed one because I have no family who live close to me nor friends. I have friends but the same as me they have their own life to think of and to give me a hand is the last thing in they can think of. Honestly, I have never felt anything like this before when I was still living close to my parents back in Philippines.

I find it really hard to parent my own two kids without any help from anyone. All my days are spent looking after them, changing nappies, bathing them, feeding them and cleaning thier mess. But, on the other hand, it is very fulfilling and very achieving. I love my kids to bits and will do anything to make them happy. That is why no matter how tired and exhausted I am I always make sure they are alright. My daughter during bath times she would not go on her own without me. And soon as I get in the bath, my son also follows me and their the 3 of us, can hardly fit in our tiny bath tub. My kids love it and so do I.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Rewarding Task

Looking at these photos, I can't ask for more in life. God has given me everything that I dreamt. A wonderful husband, adorable and gorgeous kids. What more could I ask. Oh yes, I may not have all the money and all that luxury life where I can travel every year to the place I wanted to go, I don't have that super fancy sports car, nor diamonds that worth millions of pounds but I would not swap the life I have right now to any top A-list celebrities for sure. In the meantime I am so happy having my kids with me everyday and that makes my life so more than fulfilling.

Having my husband who loves me without condition and who is thriving to give us a good life as what we wanted. I never thought that being a wife and a mother is so accomplishing and rewarding. There are times I felt depressed, sad and homesick but my husband and kids always makes me feel better. They are simply the best things happen to me. To be a mother and wife are such a rewarding task.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Domain is now Working!

Ive done it and it works! What I mean is my new domain. Can you see this blog url address? Is now with prefix www and without.

So yes please, friends and visitors feel free to update my links as soon as you read this message, ok? Thank you very much and don't forget to leave your links in my shoutbox so I can add you in return.

I hope everyone have a nice day and that they are driving safe always!

Monday, 7 April 2008

The best thing in Life (My Daughter)

There is nothing more precious than giving life to another human being. The day I gazed into the eyes of my daughter was the most amazing moment of my life. I felt feelings I had never before experienced. The thought of her being my responsibility forever was not frightening but empowering. Because of her, I look at life differently. I appreciate the little things that my mother did for me and understand the sacrifices she made. Now I recognize how crucial my role is as a mother, and all I want is to instill the right values in my daughter.
Before becoming a mother, life was about me -- my dreams and accomplishments. Now the real meaning of life has been revealed to me. Watching my child grow and learn fulfills me like nothing else. To take care of someone, teach them what you know, and love them more than your own life is what being a mom is all about. I thank God every day for blessing my life with the greatest gift of all, my daughter.

Yeah, I'm a mom!
I became a mom in a far-off land.
A little baby smiled and squeezed my hand.
Mother and daughter, we soon became,
My title was finally mom, what a beautiful name.
Mom means caring, laughter and trust,
Three ingredients for a good mom, surely a must.
Looking at my child, my heart swells with pride,
When I give her a hug, her eyes open wide.
"I love you, Mommy," and that's the best,
And now I know a mommy can never, ever rest!
-- Patricia Leclair of Mattapoisett--,

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Collection to Motherhood

I decided to make this blog into my own domain for it has already gone down to PR0. I was only keeping my blogspot free hosting because of it's pagerank 3 but now as you can see it has been down to big fat zero just like my other blogs. So, now I want to change this blog from collection to motherhood for me to write whatever I want in regards of being a mother, be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

So, at the moment I am waiting for my domain to be approved and ready then will redirect to here sooner or later whether it would be tonight or tomorrow. My new domain name would so please update my link as soon as you read this entry. Also bare with me as I am trying to resolve my linking loss at the moment. It seems I have lost some of my friends links again, I always do that but it's undeliberate so forgive me if your name is not listed on my blogroll, just kindly leave your links and I will add you again as promised.

Thank you guys for understanding!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Work after Work

I just got back from my friday shift, tired and hungry but I delayed my dinner for the hope that I can make extra money online, lol. Am I that desperate? I guess so, my bank balance has now shrunk after sending $1300 to my family back home. So, I have to replace what I have withdrawn in order to keep my balance up.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

My Two Favourite Men in the World

....are my Daddy and my Grandpa. They are the 2 person who dare desciplining me and yet I love them to bits and wanted to follow them around. As to others they may look scarily strict but for me they are the two best people in the world. So, on Easter I gave them both some of my Easter eggs.

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