Sunday, 13 April 2008

Act Like One

Motherhood is sure a twist and turn task. You go for one thing to another as well as the way you act. I know I looks or sounds very busy but in fact internet has been occupying most of my time but somehow I manage to twist my time and play with my kids everyday even if it takes few minutes or to an hour. I always treasure during our play times because for me it is so precious and I know soon as they grow up I would not be able to play with them because they will then have a mine of their own. It sad but true, time will come that they would prefer to do their own things and exclude me or Daddy. They might need parents only when they need allowances or re-enforcement or shall I say back-up.

My kids are both attention seeker and I know I am far from being a perfect mother but I try my very best. Having two kids of my own and nowhere to ask for a hand whenever I needed one because I have no family who live close to me nor friends. I have friends but the same as me they have their own life to think of and to give me a hand is the last thing in they can think of. Honestly, I have never felt anything like this before when I was still living close to my parents back in Philippines.

I find it really hard to parent my own two kids without any help from anyone. All my days are spent looking after them, changing nappies, bathing them, feeding them and cleaning thier mess. But, on the other hand, it is very fulfilling and very achieving. I love my kids to bits and will do anything to make them happy. That is why no matter how tired and exhausted I am I always make sure they are alright. My daughter during bath times she would not go on her own without me. And soon as I get in the bath, my son also follows me and their the 3 of us, can hardly fit in our tiny bath tub. My kids love it and so do I.

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