Sunday, 6 April 2008

Collection to Motherhood

I decided to make this blog into my own domain for it has already gone down to PR0. I was only keeping my blogspot free hosting because of it's pagerank 3 but now as you can see it has been down to big fat zero just like my other blogs. So, now I want to change this blog from collection to motherhood for me to write whatever I want in regards of being a mother, be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

So, at the moment I am waiting for my domain to be approved and ready then will redirect to here sooner or later whether it would be tonight or tomorrow. My new domain name would so please update my link as soon as you read this entry. Also bare with me as I am trying to resolve my linking loss at the moment. It seems I have lost some of my friends links again, I always do that but it's undeliberate so forgive me if your name is not listed on my blogroll, just kindly leave your links and I will add you again as promised.

Thank you guys for understanding!

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