Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Good Mothering/Parenting

Joseph and his Daddy

This was taken 2 years ago where a family friends came over to visit their family over here in England. Meet Mr and Mrs Flynn with their only child Joseph who is now 11 yrs old and studying in International School Manila. Hubby adores Joseph and that because this boy is just too sweet and the most polite he had ever meet. He act like an adult but with a very good manners. He called hubby Mister Simon, lol. He is that proper and I guess it is because of how his parents raised him. Hubby wants our kids to be exactly the same because it is very important to him and he also believed that the younger you desciplined or taught a child a good manners the better.

Joseph is almost a perfect child and not only us who adores and admires him but everyone in his schools. They never seen a boy as polite as him and what more he is academically smart. What more could his parents ask? I think they have been doing a great job to their little Joseph and I can see because Mike (Joseph dad) is such a desciplinarian. This is what I called good parenting. I hope and I wish we can do a great job to our kids, too.

Us June 2006

Me and Fhe, Joseph's Mum on June 2007

Josehp and Kath

Fhe and Myself

We just adores this family so much and I hope we will see them again this year either in the Philippines or here in England. Mike and Fhe are such a great parents :)

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