Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Rewarding Task

Looking at these photos, I can't ask for more in life. God has given me everything that I dreamt. A wonderful husband, adorable and gorgeous kids. What more could I ask. Oh yes, I may not have all the money and all that luxury life where I can travel every year to the place I wanted to go, I don't have that super fancy sports car, nor diamonds that worth millions of pounds but I would not swap the life I have right now to any top A-list celebrities for sure. In the meantime I am so happy having my kids with me everyday and that makes my life so more than fulfilling.

Having my husband who loves me without condition and who is thriving to give us a good life as what we wanted. I never thought that being a wife and a mother is so accomplishing and rewarding. There are times I felt depressed, sad and homesick but my husband and kids always makes me feel better. They are simply the best things happen to me. To be a mother and wife are such a rewarding task.


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Haze...

Tama ka dyan. When you have a family like yours, what more can one ask for? Wealth I believe is having a happy and a healthy family.

Thanks for sharing that...


Yuriana said...

Hell Haze,

What a lovely photo! Your kids will treasure this photo lalu na pag older na sila. :)

Thanks for dropping by ha :)

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