Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Presence and not Present?

I stumble upon to a dear friends blog and reading the title makes me realised how bad mother I am for not spending enough time for my kids eversince I am hooked to this blogging. Most of my time I spent it in front of my PC trying hard to make more penny and not realising my most important role as a mother. I forgot that my kids needs more my presence and not my present. No wonder they are a little irritable with me most of the time. Now, I kind of understand that I have to play my role, to give them enough of my time. I will do so, I promised from now on.

So, mind me if I can't update that much as I used to because I am relly trying to change my life routine because I know that my kids needs me more than earning money online. So, I just realised that I can't swap my kids for money, no way! Here's some photo I attached during our good times last year in the beach. And, I can see how my kids enjoyed it when they get my full attention. Priceless moment, really!

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