Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cute as a Button

Not only my parents find me cute and handsome but also all the people who sees me always find me so cute and cuddly. My Mummy's friend tend to pinched me all the time and I don't really like it as it hurts me. Some of my family said I look exactly just like my Daddy but some also say that I look's like my Mummy but whichever it is I am sure that I am just cute as a button. Try to look at me closely based on these photos.........don't you think so?

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jennyr said...

haze, racquel lagi ka sa akong list at naglibog ko nga haze man ka,hehehe! anyways...i have a tag for you here. I might do this one too! Thanks for sharing....

jennyr said...

kawat nko ni haze! i posted it here!

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