Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Silly Boy (baby me)

Ooh, if you have a boy then you'll understand me most of the time, don't you? My parents thinks of me as a bruiser, destroyer, nightmare and etc. But, they can't deny the fact that they also enjoy my great character. Everyone in my family loves me and even strangers in the street always find me so cute and funny. I often wave to them or just simply greet them "HELLO" and they smiled me back. I guess I have both my Mum and Dad's great characteristics.

This pic was when I was upstairs in my Mummy and Daddy's bedroom. Mummy was calling me out but I was so busy playing her beads and when she came in the room this is what she saw.........me wearing every single costume jewelry she had have on her jewelry box. Hay.....baby me is so curious.........

Another thing is, I also wear my big Sissy's headband and it makes my Mummy laughed.

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