Thursday, 11 September 2008

First Summer Beach Trip

Truly Yours, the Mister Photogenic Hunk

I know, I know! I am being slow when it comes to updating and posting photos here. But at least I still manage to post and share it with all my avid viewers. This was taken on July 26 2008 when the family went out to Rustington (our usual beach place during summer). It was a very fine day because Mister Sunshine was kind enough to come out. It was my first time to actually go in the water without my Daddy holding my hand. If I remembered rightly, about a year ago I was too scared to even step onto the water by myself. Blame me not, because there was just those ferrocious waves that scaring me all day. I was absolutely petrified by it. But now, I actually find myself enjoying so much when dipping into the sea water. Only that it is a bit salty. [LAUGHS] Anyway, here's some more photos.........

Rides @ Little Hampton, after the beach!

With my ever gorgeous big Sissy and Mummy..

Parata, tubig uy

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