Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Chat with Lolo and Lola

On Tuesday night we rang my grandparents back in Philippines just so they can greet my big Sissy a happy birthday. They already been sending greeting message via SMS many times but it would be nice for us and them to talk via telephone too. So, we have like 3 hours conversation and it was so funny because my Lola didn't really understand everything I say. Oh well, my parents have struggled to understand me anyway so, how much more my grandparents? LOL. Poor my Lolo and Lola, really. Anyway, I had a great time despite of our misuderstanding. Lola is so keen to see me again this time because the first time they were able to cuddle me was when I was only 7 months old. That was my first visit to Philippines. They were so fond of me oout there and oh boy, loads of strange people pinch my chubby cheeks and legs. So, I guess this time they won't because I am already a big boy and I could pinched them back if they dare to hurt me again. I know that it was only pure affection and admiration but it hurts me, you know? I had a baby skin which is very delicate and sensitive. I had a very tight skin so, just a pinch it will turn to a very nasty redness and it sure was painful. My grandparents was able to protect me too.

Anyway, I had a great conversation with them the night before and I did enjoyed chatting with them. Wish I could see them next year too. That's the plan at the moment to go there either March or April. If Good God will permit us too. Will see, shall we?

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