Monday, 10 November 2008

Monday is here!

Hi good morning little bloggy of mine. Howdy? Me, I am here sitting watching television at the same time eating my favourite morning snack (yoghart) with my bottle of milk. I am not really eating lately because I am not well. I have a bad cough especially at night time which caused me sleepless. I hope to feel better soon. Also, I have a nasty nappy rash and that hurts everytime I sat down. Last week I had my earache which I was suffering for about a week. I am falling into pieces, hehehe. Anyway, my parents took good care of me. Daddy took me to my Pedia and gladly, everything was fine only that I had a big earwax in my ear that caused all that pain. Only want to eat yoghart and all soft easy digest food at the moment. Hope I will get my appetite back again because Mummy can't stop worrying that I am losing weight. She just want me to be chubby all the time because she finds me cute that way, hehehe. Anyway, I better go upstair because me and Mummy had to get ready before Granny come and pick us up. See you later allegator! Bye bloggy!

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