Friday, 28 November 2008

Miss the Water

I badly missed the beach. Summer might not be great but still there are days that are warm enough to be in the beach. Last summer was full of fun and every great day we waste no time at all but spend our day having fun. We have few trip down to the beach and I just wanted it to be a daily activity but unfortunately weather are not that cooperative. Anyway, at least I had fun and great time playing with my barefeet and barenaked. Here's few photos to keep and treasured........

September Beach034

September Beach139

September Beach080

September Beach042

Friday, 21 November 2008

Apple Picking at Grandpa's Place

This is what we always look forward every summer because we can just go stroll around in my Grandpa's garden where apples tree, pears, and other sort of fruits are free to be pick. Mummy always wish her family back in Philippines are closed enough so she can just give them sacks and sacks of apples anytime. Garden apples can eaten straight from the tree or can be used in cooking. Here's few snaps taken during those days.

my cute son


My Auntie Amanda insisted to have our family picture taken and of course that is what Mummy wants so, we all striked a pose!

Sunday, 16 November 2008


This is a funny video of myself throwing tantrum because my Mummy and Daddy didn't allow me to hold the new digital camera. Mummy was so naughty to record this, hehehe. But as everyone said whether I am happy or sad I still look cute. Don't you think?

Monday, 10 November 2008

Monday is here!

Hi good morning little bloggy of mine. Howdy? Me, I am here sitting watching television at the same time eating my favourite morning snack (yoghart) with my bottle of milk. I am not really eating lately because I am not well. I have a bad cough especially at night time which caused me sleepless. I hope to feel better soon. Also, I have a nasty nappy rash and that hurts everytime I sat down. Last week I had my earache which I was suffering for about a week. I am falling into pieces, hehehe. Anyway, my parents took good care of me. Daddy took me to my Pedia and gladly, everything was fine only that I had a big earwax in my ear that caused all that pain. Only want to eat yoghart and all soft easy digest food at the moment. Hope I will get my appetite back again because Mummy can't stop worrying that I am losing weight. She just want me to be chubby all the time because she finds me cute that way, hehehe. Anyway, I better go upstair because me and Mummy had to get ready before Granny come and pick us up. See you later allegator! Bye bloggy!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Yesterday was truly Fun!

All my sister's classmate was over here in our house to celebrate my Ate's birthday. I had a great time with them yesterday. That was truly a fun day for me. I enjoyed being with people and that is one of my good natured.

I hope in my birthday I can invite as many friends like my Ate but the problem is, I haven't got that many yet. I am not in school because I don't like going to. {SIGH]

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Layout for me

First and foremost, let me greet my big Sissy a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I love you Ate always. So glad you are my Ate.

So, here are couple of layouts that my good Mummy made for me. I think she is very clever to do such designing. I so love it! Thanks Mummy!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Chat with Lolo and Lola

On Tuesday night we rang my grandparents back in Philippines just so they can greet my big Sissy a happy birthday. They already been sending greeting message via SMS many times but it would be nice for us and them to talk via telephone too. So, we have like 3 hours conversation and it was so funny because my Lola didn't really understand everything I say. Oh well, my parents have struggled to understand me anyway so, how much more my grandparents? LOL. Poor my Lolo and Lola, really. Anyway, I had a great time despite of our misuderstanding. Lola is so keen to see me again this time because the first time they were able to cuddle me was when I was only 7 months old. That was my first visit to Philippines. They were so fond of me oout there and oh boy, loads of strange people pinch my chubby cheeks and legs. So, I guess this time they won't because I am already a big boy and I could pinched them back if they dare to hurt me again. I know that it was only pure affection and admiration but it hurts me, you know? I had a baby skin which is very delicate and sensitive. I had a very tight skin so, just a pinch it will turn to a very nasty redness and it sure was painful. My grandparents was able to protect me too.

Anyway, I had a great conversation with them the night before and I did enjoyed chatting with them. Wish I could see them next year too. That's the plan at the moment to go there either March or April. If Good God will permit us too. Will see, shall we?

Sunday, 2 November 2008

I'm sick

I had been sick for the whole week. Not feeling so great when we went trick and treating either. I have an earache as well as dry cough that caused vomitting. Daddy took me to the Doctor last Friday and the doctor gave me some prescription. An ear drops to losen my hard earwax that caused me so much pain. Also some cough medicine and now I am still coughing hard but my earache is now gone. I hope I will feel better before my big sister's birthday party otherwise I will miss out the fun.

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