Friday, 27 February 2009

Fave Snacks

PAD entry #46

This is my favourite snacks during day time and night time. As you can see how healthy I am, that's because I like eating and I can't resist good food and good snacks. Mummy usually gave me this kind of snach before my bedtime because she is controlling my diet. She don't want me to become big as Daddy, hehehe. So, only healthy snacks for night time.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

My 3 day of School (and 3rd week)

I only go school once a week every Thursday. I started on Feb 12, 2009 and this is my 3rd week and 3rd of school. I still find myself pathetic and tearful whenever Mummy leave me with my teacher but then I'll get find soon as Mummy's gone. Still part of our separation anxiety. Anyway, it's good fun and I enjoyed my classmate's company too. Here's my photo on our my to school. Cute and excited!

His 3rd day in a 3rd week of schoolingThe excitement of a school boy

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Family day out @ Chessington

February 21, 2009 (Saturday) - the whole family and friends went for Chessingtion World of Adventure day trip. It was my Mummy's idea because she wanted us to see the Sea-life there but it was a little bit dissapoinment because of the sized. Its not as big as London and Brighton. Luckily, there is a Zoo to make our trip worth while. To be honest, we enjoyed more of the Zoo than their sea-life. We are hoping to go back to the place this summer. Ooh, plenty of places we wanted to visit this summer. For sure it's going to be fun! Here's some photo and click the link stated above for more pics. Enjoy!
Chessington Trip_2483 Chessington Trip_2439
Chessington Trip_2450
Chessington Trip_2449 Chessington Trip_2523

Monday, 23 February 2009

My first Transformer

PAD entry #44

It's about few days ago when my Daddy bought me this transformer. I had an old one given to me by a friend who lived next door and it was not as good as I wanted to be, but I was happy. Anyway, Daddy decided to buy me a proper one and it cost a lot but it is way better. So, I am loving it too much and thanks to my Daddy for buying me my first transformer.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Reigate Priory Park

Daddy took a day off yesterday so he could take us to the park. Originally we were gonna go to Gaton Park but for some reason we didn't like it so we end up at Reigate Priory instead. At first glance we thought it's a boring park too but as soon as we get to the right spot we are certainly surprised of how much toys it has. Gosh, it was far better than our local park that's for sure. So, we had to take the most of it as we only had few hours left before it turn dusk. It was definitely one of the best most entertaining free park I have even been so far. I will definitely beg Daddy to take us there again sometime this spring or summer. Here's my best shots....

ReigatePrioryPark_2246 ReigatePrioryPark_2271 ReigatePrioryPark_2291 ReigatePrioryPark_2283 ReigatePrioryPark_2277 ReigatePrioryPark_2318

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pink Watch, Blue Nail Polish and Ate

Here's a photo of me that Mummy took yesterday and don't be surprised of my nail polished I am only taken into the idea of what my big sissy and Mummy did to theirs. I can't resist the temptation of colouring my nail as it looks good. About the watch? Nah, I just borrowed it from my Ate. I am not into colours yet and not that particular at the moment. All I know is they are colourful and kids love it. So, why not try and have fun while I am just a little boy for when I grow up I certainly won't be having this fun anymore. Shhhh...Daddy is not keen on my nail polish. He thought I am bit of a girly, hehehe.

The second photo is Mummy's PAD entry for yesterday. We were in the mood for picturing so Mummy took advantage of us. She rarely get a posed like this. Like siblings indeed!
Mr Pogi daw cya, hehehehe

PAD entry # 42

School was fun and fine, btw!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Good Time @ d Park

Had a good weather yesterday so, I took the kids to the nearby park. An easy access, very walkable and need not to spend any penny for transportation. So, what more could we ask? Good weather, no school (bec it's half-term break)so, a close distance park is all we need really. The kids simply enjoyed the outing and I did enjoyed taking photos too. Here's all the captured moments.....
@D'park_002@D'park_001Hello!Lil climberStriking a poseTrying his hardest, lolPAD entry # 41Having so much fun @ d parkCaptured Moment :)My kids and their friend "Gail"

Monday, 16 February 2009

I am a Guest of Honoured

MG is my Ate's friend/schoolmates and a daughter of Mummy's friend. Her parents (particulary his Dad) is one big fan of me, however, I am a little scared of him as he always pinch my bum. He find me so cute and so he felt gigil and pinched me. That is why everytime I see him I either ran or hide from my Mummy's back.

Anyway, MG turn 7th yesterday and so I was invited to her wacky party both at their hoouse and somewhere where they rented a place for the mornign party with her friends and schoolmates. I was there and I had so much fun and sure I was entertaining everybody. I was definitely the center of attention because I was the 2nd youngest among of all the guest. Not to mention, the cutest, lol.

In the house party I was the vocalist too and all of them laugh out loud after listening hundreds time of my singing. It was absolutely a great fun entertaining day for me and for everyone else. Here's some of the photos that Mumm took......
MG's7thbday_1948My son is loving it :)MG's7thbday_1962 MG's7thbday_2004The vocalist in Mg's party, lol

Among other foods this shanghai rolls is my favourite of all. I can eat hundreds of this lumpia and everyone knows that.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Valentines Date

Every occasion we tend to celebrate it. Daddy actually plan this all and told us he is going to take us all for dinner and it was a little unfortunate earlier last night as we are refused by few restaurants because they are full. As much as we love to dine out in the nearby place, we had to drive down to the neighbouring town to find a place that has a free table for us. Luckily, thai restaurant in Reigate was not that busy so we ended up dining there. We never regret it as we love thai foods and we certainly had a great time together. The food were tasty as ever and our pudding were super delicious. It was the best family valentines date ever. I hope next year Daddy would be organise enough to avoid such nightmare again.

Valentinesdinner09_1859 Valentinesdinner09_1840 Valentinesdinner09_1847
Valentinesdinner09_1857 Valentinesdinner09_1849 Valentinesdinner09_1858

Thursday, 12 February 2009

My First Day of School

Today is was a big day for me because I attended pre-school for the first time. I didn't cried but was quite pathetic and were begging mummy to stay with me and so she did. It's only an hour session for the first 3 weeks until March. I had to have Mummy with me to help settled in and it's quite enjoyable but of course I am not comfortable with my classmates yet. I am also one of the youngest in our class and yet the biggest and tallest but I am not the bravest, lol. Well, those kids are used to the school routine already as they been attending playschool since they were born. Whereas me, I just started so it's usually take few weeks to settle down. Today, is quite OK and my classmates were all nice and had welcome me to the class. Here's my first photo at our classroom.

PAD entry #36
First day of Pre-schooling
Drunkard baby, lol!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My First Antibiotic dosage

Yesterday, my parents took me to my Doctor for check-up because I had suffered pain and redness in my bits. The Doctor said it was nothing serious but could get worst if it is not well taken care of. So, she prescribed me with antibiotic just to stop it getting worst. It's my first antibiotic ever and I just love the taste. I will take this medicine for 5 days in a row then I should feel better and painless. Here's a shot of my medicine....

PAD entry #33

Saturday, 7 February 2009

How I love Pasta!

The other nights mummy cooked spaghetti bolognaise for our dinner. And ooh, it was delicious that I even had a 2nd one. I am simply a pasta boy and everyone knows that. That is why when I go visit my grandparents they already knows what to cook for me. So, if I even visit to any of your house then you'll know what to prepare, hehehe.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Bath time fun & Elephant story

Today, I had a great time in the bath and that I used all my bubbles again. Daddy just bought it days ago and he warned me not to pour it all over to tub. But, I kinda forgot it and here I am having fun in the water with full of bubbles. No wonder, a bottle of kids bubbles is poured in it. [LAUGH]

Well, Daddy should just understand me that sometimes I can't resist the temptation to be naughty, hehehe. Anyway, it's fun bath and mummy had a hard time getting me out as I wanted to stay for hours and hours. I simply love being in the water and the only thing that stop me is, when mummy told me a story about how the big thirsty elephant would want to drink the water. So for that I felt scared and I got out in the bath. And do you know what, I heard the elephant drinking noise too when mummy pulled the cover in the bath tub. Ooh, scary it was!

Bath time

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