Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Bath time fun & Elephant story

Today, I had a great time in the bath and that I used all my bubbles again. Daddy just bought it days ago and he warned me not to pour it all over to tub. But, I kinda forgot it and here I am having fun in the water with full of bubbles. No wonder, a bottle of kids bubbles is poured in it. [LAUGH]

Well, Daddy should just understand me that sometimes I can't resist the temptation to be naughty, hehehe. Anyway, it's fun bath and mummy had a hard time getting me out as I wanted to stay for hours and hours. I simply love being in the water and the only thing that stop me is, when mummy told me a story about how the big thirsty elephant would want to drink the water. So for that I felt scared and I got out in the bath. And do you know what, I heard the elephant drinking noise too when mummy pulled the cover in the bath tub. Ooh, scary it was!

Bath time

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