Monday, 16 February 2009

I am a Guest of Honoured

MG is my Ate's friend/schoolmates and a daughter of Mummy's friend. Her parents (particulary his Dad) is one big fan of me, however, I am a little scared of him as he always pinch my bum. He find me so cute and so he felt gigil and pinched me. That is why everytime I see him I either ran or hide from my Mummy's back.

Anyway, MG turn 7th yesterday and so I was invited to her wacky party both at their hoouse and somewhere where they rented a place for the mornign party with her friends and schoolmates. I was there and I had so much fun and sure I was entertaining everybody. I was definitely the center of attention because I was the 2nd youngest among of all the guest. Not to mention, the cutest, lol.

In the house party I was the vocalist too and all of them laugh out loud after listening hundreds time of my singing. It was absolutely a great fun entertaining day for me and for everyone else. Here's some of the photos that Mumm took......
MG's7thbday_1948My son is loving it :)MG's7thbday_1962 MG's7thbday_2004The vocalist in Mg's party, lol

Among other foods this shanghai rolls is my favourite of all. I can eat hundreds of this lumpia and everyone knows that.

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