Thursday, 12 February 2009

My First Day of School

Today is was a big day for me because I attended pre-school for the first time. I didn't cried but was quite pathetic and were begging mummy to stay with me and so she did. It's only an hour session for the first 3 weeks until March. I had to have Mummy with me to help settled in and it's quite enjoyable but of course I am not comfortable with my classmates yet. I am also one of the youngest in our class and yet the biggest and tallest but I am not the bravest, lol. Well, those kids are used to the school routine already as they been attending playschool since they were born. Whereas me, I just started so it's usually take few weeks to settle down. Today, is quite OK and my classmates were all nice and had welcome me to the class. Here's my first photo at our classroom.

PAD entry #36
First day of Pre-schooling
Drunkard baby, lol!

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