Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Valentines Date

Every occasion we tend to celebrate it. Daddy actually plan this all and told us he is going to take us all for dinner and it was a little unfortunate earlier last night as we are refused by few restaurants because they are full. As much as we love to dine out in the nearby place, we had to drive down to the neighbouring town to find a place that has a free table for us. Luckily, thai restaurant in Reigate was not that busy so we ended up dining there. We never regret it as we love thai foods and we certainly had a great time together. The food were tasty as ever and our pudding were super delicious. It was the best family valentines date ever. I hope next year Daddy would be organise enough to avoid such nightmare again.

Valentinesdinner09_1859 Valentinesdinner09_1840 Valentinesdinner09_1847
Valentinesdinner09_1857 Valentinesdinner09_1849 Valentinesdinner09_1858

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