Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pink Watch, Blue Nail Polish and Ate

Here's a photo of me that Mummy took yesterday and don't be surprised of my nail polished I am only taken into the idea of what my big sissy and Mummy did to theirs. I can't resist the temptation of colouring my nail as it looks good. About the watch? Nah, I just borrowed it from my Ate. I am not into colours yet and not that particular at the moment. All I know is they are colourful and kids love it. So, why not try and have fun while I am just a little boy for when I grow up I certainly won't be having this fun anymore. Shhhh...Daddy is not keen on my nail polish. He thought I am bit of a girly, hehehe.

The second photo is Mummy's PAD entry for yesterday. We were in the mood for picturing so Mummy took advantage of us. She rarely get a posed like this. Like siblings indeed!
Mr Pogi daw cya, hehehehe

PAD entry # 42

School was fun and fine, btw!

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