Friday, 20 February 2009

Reigate Priory Park

Daddy took a day off yesterday so he could take us to the park. Originally we were gonna go to Gaton Park but for some reason we didn't like it so we end up at Reigate Priory instead. At first glance we thought it's a boring park too but as soon as we get to the right spot we are certainly surprised of how much toys it has. Gosh, it was far better than our local park that's for sure. So, we had to take the most of it as we only had few hours left before it turn dusk. It was definitely one of the best most entertaining free park I have even been so far. I will definitely beg Daddy to take us there again sometime this spring or summer. Here's my best shots....

ReigatePrioryPark_2246 ReigatePrioryPark_2271 ReigatePrioryPark_2291 ReigatePrioryPark_2283 ReigatePrioryPark_2277 ReigatePrioryPark_2318

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