Monday, 12 April 2010

More Outdoors fun...

As I've said in my previous post that I am much happier of the weather recently, though not warm enough for me but certainly warm enough for the kids to let loosed and enjoy more outdoors. I set some rules lately that everyday I take the kids for a walk at least just to keep them active and maintain their exercise regime. If you asked me if I still continue this recent activity during winter? I wouldn't go that far yet...but let's just see! Anyway, the kids enjoyed being outside most often these days and I'm so glad I am keeping my promised this time - I think because I am keen on them to be more healthy - not exactly to lose weight but of course they can do a bit as they're more chubby like kids. But honestly, I am not that worried because they are still young and plenty more time to grow tall and who knows even get toner. Also, I minimised their junk intakes period. I tend to give them fruit on their in between meals snacking. And I'm proud to say, my kids cooperated so well!

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