Saturday, 29 May 2010

William's 1st taste of Solid Food

My youngest is already 16 weeks and just yesterday he had his first taste of solid food. I gave him the creamy rice pudding for lunch and he took it so well. I think he is ready to pig out, haha. Daddy and I captured the best moments of his life and it was fun. The big sister and big brother enjoyed watching him eating for the very first time. Though, he had some taste of apple, ice cream and oats few weeks ago but yesterday was the proper one. We all enjoyed him and he added so much joy into our home!

Video of my youngest eating his first solid food....

Friday, 28 May 2010

2nd Headteacher's Award

My Kath got her 2nd head teacher's award today! Daddy and I are so proud of her and wishing her to continue the good work! She is not only academically smart but also a very friendly little girl and that because we raised her well. We couldn't be more proud:)

Kath 2nd award for d year (Headteacher/Principal)

Here's her very award it was with her poetry too. She also had a certificate of her OAKWOOD math competition and when I get a chance I'll take a pic to share.

PAD entry # 276

Here's her SAT result last year which showed how good she is in Math because got 3 and that means beyond achievement, 2A is the highest mark, so she did well, generally. Also, she's doing great on her Mathletics and got into Silver level despite of the little time she used computer.

PAD entry #176

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Christian's Milestone

My 4 year old is learning so many things lately. His writing skills and much better and also he starting to read now. But above all, he is good in Math and he understand the concept of adding numbers which I thought was advance for his age. I've got a video which I love to share...........

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Clumsy kids

My kids are such clumsy - they fell over quite a lot! Kath fell over while riding her scooter last week and scraped her left side knee and today he just scraped her right side knee, the same thing happened. And so is Christian managed to scratched himself after fallen over to the broken blue case. Ah, and my immediate reaction when they hurt themselves is to shout really loud. Grrrrrrrrrr, its kinda of annoying!

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