Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Growing big and healthy!

My youngest just turned 20 weeks on the 16 of June 2010 (Wednesday) and now weighing 7.33 kilos (16 lbs and 2 ounces). He's definitely getting bigger, growing healthier and smarter. Had his last jab today - thanks God for it. His next one will not be until he's 1 year old. Ah, still can't believed how time flies - my baby has grown so much already.

Another milestone: 21st June 2010 - he rolled over for the 2nd time in the floor. He's also trying to crawl now.

As I've mentioned previously that he's started eating solid food for few weeks now but lately, he's more into sucking fruits. Today, 22nd of June 2010 (Tuesday) he had his first taste of strawberry - he loved it. And what more is, he can now strongly grip things too specially my hair.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Greek Princess

Last Friday (18 of June 2010) was my daughter's greek day at school. She had to wear the outfit that Daddy bought online few weeks ago. It made Kk super excited! Just the day before her greek day Daddy took us to "NEXT" and bought Kath her first pair of gladiator sandals. Of course, I have some contribution on this and you should able to guess what it is! Yes, I did her lovely hair do. Daddy did some research of special Greek hair dos - credit to myself I did it pretty well. All the teachers and her classmates admired my daughter's hair a lot. They couldn't take their eyes off her. She definitely stand out. Oh, by the way, with her is Gail - Kk's friend who also look beautiful.

greek princesses (post & run only)greek princesses -2

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Photo: Smile from a good baby

Baby Will is such a good baby, generally. Every morning he'll wake with such a great mood - laughing, chattering away. Yes, it's so nice to wake up seeing a beautiful smile from him. He's my little charmer. So, today I have no worries on taking him to the big summer fair in Wimbledon. I'm excited for him and so is big sister and big brother. So, I'm off to get ready now - it's 41 passed 9 in the morning and we mean to leave @ 10. Ah, have a wonderful weekend!

----a collage of my baby Will @ 15 weeks old -------
15 weeks old Will

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kath's International day

Today, my daughter had to wear something black, red and yellow to represent Germany. Their class chooses the country because they we're all interested with the history. And for that, they were told to wear those 3 colours mentioned above which handy because my little girl got them all. Well, I had to dig some cardigan and a yellow pumps shoes from my closet which I have to say, fitted her perfectly. I will take photos later when I picked her up. For now, I gotta drag my boys to get ready for it's my little one's vaccination today. Before that, I have to take him for weighing in Martyr's church. So, ciao for now and I'll come back for more updates later....

Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday it is....

Another weekend is over! The kids had a quite time - well, I took them to the park on Saturday and stayed there for 6 hours. I had to keep them entertained while the Daddy was busy decorating our place. I took few photos and videos but will share it later because I haven't downloaded it yet. Sunday - another quite day for us all. Stayed in the house and just watched movie. The kids were extremely behaved, a little noise here and there but more of a fun noise. And today, Kk and Chan2x went to school and I'm here left with the little one. Oh, by the way, changed my blog layout again so, no more header this time.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Rolled Over (Another Milestone for Will)

William just turn 18 weeks yesterday 9th of June 2010 Wednesday. And just early this morning he managed to rolled over for the first time. Well, the first time I see him did it. Big sister (Kath) seen him doing in on the sofa and Daddy seen him doing it on the floor the other day too. But I don't count it because I was not able to witness it happen and only this morning when I finally caught him on the act. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snap it but its okay, my vision is quite clear and I don't tell lies for the sake of it, hehe. Ah, I'm just happy of his development lately and besides he is so active and energetic as well and gets excited whenever he hears noises. His really one funny little boy and brought so much pleasure into our family!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

William is 4 months old today

Thanks God, my youngest is exactly 4 months old today and is healthy and strong. Having a healthy baby boy (not to mention, healthy kids) is surely a blessings. I can't complain too much anymore. I should just count myself as a blessed Mother/parent. Thanks to the Highest!

Dental Appointment today

At last, finally, after long few years we had our dental checked and it was this afternoon. The kids teeth are all fine, only a little filling needed both Kath and Christian. One tooth each and the rest are all good and well taken care of, according to the Dentist. As for me, I was also praised for looking after my teeth properly and for that I have lovely set of teeth. But again, same as kid I have a tiny bit problem and it needed to be extracted. This is the left over root of my molar that was extracted years ago in the Philippines and unfortunately the dentist didn't do a great job so its left rotten but luckily I always brush my teeth twice a day and flossed it as well so the cavity didn't spread out. So, the next visit (appointment booked) we will have our teeth done especially daddy who has got the worst teeth among us. He have to do some bridge and probably implant too. But first of all, he has to have fillings and cleaning. Ah, I'm just glad were all checked and hoping we will regularly have our dental visits in the future. All in all, it was a fine sunny day! We're all happy and satisfied of the dental services and the kids are free and also me I got my maternity free services (though, only for this year).

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Eye test for my 4 yr old

Christian had his eye test. It is necessary here to checked children eyes as young as 4 year old. The first time he had his eye test was when he was only few months old and it was all fine and good. Today, had his 2nd eye test and its again his eyes are good. Again, its a great blessings!

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