Thursday, 3 June 2010

Dental Appointment today

At last, finally, after long few years we had our dental checked and it was this afternoon. The kids teeth are all fine, only a little filling needed both Kath and Christian. One tooth each and the rest are all good and well taken care of, according to the Dentist. As for me, I was also praised for looking after my teeth properly and for that I have lovely set of teeth. But again, same as kid I have a tiny bit problem and it needed to be extracted. This is the left over root of my molar that was extracted years ago in the Philippines and unfortunately the dentist didn't do a great job so its left rotten but luckily I always brush my teeth twice a day and flossed it as well so the cavity didn't spread out. So, the next visit (appointment booked) we will have our teeth done especially daddy who has got the worst teeth among us. He have to do some bridge and probably implant too. But first of all, he has to have fillings and cleaning. Ah, I'm just glad were all checked and hoping we will regularly have our dental visits in the future. All in all, it was a fine sunny day! We're all happy and satisfied of the dental services and the kids are free and also me I got my maternity free services (though, only for this year).

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